Thursday, January 28, 2010

01.28.2010 - 10 miles this week so far

well this is week 3 and things are getting better. this week was a long and hard week. we had a 75 minute run on sunday after the retreat so we made it monday after the retreat. there was no was we were going to run on the treadmill that long so we ran outside for 45 minutes and finished the rest of it on the mill. it wasn't too bad at all. then the next day you can imagine how stiff everything was and to have to go out again on wednesday morning to run a 40 minute run was death. there was so many times i thought about stopping and quitting, but i pushed through.

a big part of this half marathon is raising money for the 30 hour famine. it is the 2 days before the race and i am super pumped about the experience. we want to raise $1000 i think so that we can feed kids in poverty. it takes $30 to feed and take care of a kid for a month through worldvision. i want my life to count for something and i want to be able to say that i made a difference in someone's life. so check out and see what they are all about. tomorrow we have another 40 minute run before our 5K on saturday morning for the atlanta union mission.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

01.20.2010 - 3.23 miles

well this morning as with all early morning runs, it was super hard to get up out of bed, but we did and headed to the gym. surprisingly it was not as cold or dark so that is a great feeling no doubt. anyway i got on and got going. ran pretty well and sweated alot. that always feels great. i am glad that 3 miles is getting easy to do although i do get a little bored some of the time. i try to keep going with a podcast from andy stanley. it's great stuff about being fishers of men.

anyway, i would love to see the results of working out some more. i feel like i still weigh about the same 202-204lbs and i want to knock that down a lot lower. oh well, that will come with time too i hope. so that was all for today. a 3 plus mile run in about 30 minutes. i hope to work that down quite a bit in the near future.

hoping for warm weather soon

Monday, January 18, 2010

01.17.2010 - 4.5 miles in 60 minutes

well we spent the weekend on a student life staff retreat this weekend. it was a great amount of fun and we simply got to be together and share a house with all the families that make our team so special. anyway, but saturday i was getting the itch to head out and run some, but because of the weather it was not gonna happen and we had to wait for sunday to do our long run or it would simply mess up the whole program. so my sunday morning we were up and ready to go. paige, jake and i headed out for a 60 minute run and it was perfect weather outside. i rocked to the latest one republic album and enjoyed the run. there were some bigger hills than we were used to, but we pushed through. my knees and lower back started to tighten up and then my lower back did the same. i didn't want to stop and pushed through it. the run was good and i think i felt pretty good by the end. we met a pretty cool dog we named jack and he ran the last little while with it. the national park we ran through was really pretty. it made me want to run in places like that a lot more. we're hoping for warmer weather to be able to run outside more than on a treadmill. that's all for now. i think we have some workouts later this week. adios

Friday, January 15, 2010

Colorado Christmas

newest video that i made of our break in colorado this christmas.

01.15.2010 - 2.52 miles in 29min

good morning everyone, i trust that you are all doing well this morning. it was an early one for me and my wife this morning. we got to the gym and it was still dark and in the next 29 minutes the sun made an appearance. it was so very cold still outside, but the promise of warmer weather is on the way.

i hate it when me ipod dies though. that was the case this morning which made the hill run variable setting on the treadmill a little less bearable. i guess that's the least of my concerns. we'll be heading up to the great state of SC today for a staff retreat. should be a blast, but before that i have to get some stuff done at the hizzouse (slang). anyway, i'm still trucking along and will update you guys on the long run from this weekend. wish me luck

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

01.13.2010 - 2.4 miles in 27 minutes

well this morning was a different morning. it took forever to wake up and then i couldn't remember why i was waking up that early. it took asking my wife and she said we planned to run this morning, oh yea, right. so 6:45am heading to the gym.

it was loud in there, there were some other crazies in there working out too. my headphones kept sliding out of my ears so that was annoying, but i made it through the 25 minute run and finished 2.4 miles. i guess that's cool, but i think i need to ramp it up a little more now. i have a bad knee that has been feeling really good the last week or so and that is really surprising.

i talked to brad last night and he is still game for the half marathon, sid, not so much. there is a small chance we run a 10K in new york in march, that would be sweet. anyway, i hope this is going to pay off soon. i would love to start losing some fat and getting excited about some changes in the mirror. not that it's the final goal, healthy living is...

Monday, January 11, 2010

01.11.10 - 4.11 miles in 45 min

i can't believe paige and i both cleared the 45 minute timed run and finished 4 miles in the process. it was a great feeling to watch her push through it and then to get to the end and high five because we both got to such a cool mile stone. i guess we just begun, but it feels good and i want to continue on. she's the best and i am so glad we're doing it together.
love you babe

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2.89 miles

so after the long wait i finally ran tonight. it was a 20 minute easy run and i have to say it felt good. i got off and felt pretty good. there was a break in that the machine i was using was lame and stopped 3 minutes short because it needed maintenance. i just trucked on anyway. we'll have to see what is on the schedule for tomorrow. good night friends

01.05.10 - a new date

well today was the first day back in the office. it felt good and things were still the same. i tried to clean out a kitchen that was trashed and someone was nice enough to get started on it. then i had a conversation with my boss about the future and ministry and stuff... it was really good. i feel good about where things are right now and i look forward to a new year at SL.

well this weekend i went to passion 2010 and that was awesome. the best part was meeting my new friend, freddyT. what a cool cat. he's from NYC and i would love to go and see him soon. there are some new anthems coming in the pipeline as far as passion music. it was exciting to see brett younker on main stage. he's gonna be awesome. one of the best young leaders out there with kristian stanfill.

anyway, the purpose of this blog is to update you on my training for the 1/2 marathon in atlanta in march. well since the last blog, i have run 0 miles. walked a bunch, but not running. so this is a short blog. my wife is coming home in a few minutes and then we're heading out for a run. it's a good thing that biggest loser started again this week so that is all the motivation that i need to get going. i really hope that my legs can handle it. it would be hard to do that race in pain all the time.

till tomorrow

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