Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010.02.21 - Greenway Run

today was one of the first days that we had some warmth in the SE. i loved it. we went to church this morning and we had a great time with the middle schoolers at the Wire. it was awesome to be there and get them set up for their time of worship with christ. it was so great to have the band be flexible and replay their song we started the morning with.

after the NYC missions meeting it was off on a 10K run and that with my amazing wife at my side. it was a hard run after being so stiff and sore from friday's run. i have to figure out how to recover from the run quicker. it was a run that lasted over an hour and it was a good one to be able to run with my wife. she did so great. it was only half of what we were going to run on march 21st at the ING half marathon in atlanta.

we will see how it goes. i think we are going to do great. stay tuned for a great video that shows the inspiration behind running the race.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A New Video

this last week we had a green card party and i thought i would share some of the footage that we took with a little zumi 2.0 video camera. it was a really fun camera check it out at

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010.02.18 - livin' life

well well, it seems like the warm weather is finally returning to SE. i cannot wait to leave the house and be able to drive with the window down. the time for cold weather has passed and we are moving to sunshine.

this has been a great week. we just got our nike+ sportsbands and they are awesome. the nike online site is great and gives you a great idea of what you are trying to accomplish throughout the week and leading up to the race. we are almost a month away and i am excited for it. i really feel like i am behind in training for the race, but i know that as the weather continues to warm up, it will be easier to run and stay off the treadmill.

well, i hope the rest of the week's runs are better than yesterday. that was a joke. felt like crap yesterday and had to cut it short before SHIFT started. so anyway, i gotta go and eat some lunch. i'm hungry.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Green Card Party

well, this was the party of a life time. i was finally celebrating my approval for my green card. it was so fun. as you can imagine all the people that were able to make it wore green and made the whole night pretty special. hang in there for the big group picture. thanks to all that made this possible. especially my wife and shel and karen omi.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010.02.11 - Loving It

wow, i can't believe it's been 6 weeks since we started this crazy idea of running in a half marathon. i can honestly say that after the last run yesterday afternoon where i ran 4.2 miles at medium speed, i feel really good. i think that i am starting to love it more and more. i actually enjoy going out and running for an hour. that is not something that i would have been able to say a few weeks ago.

there are 2 factors that continually motivate me. 1. the thought that i will be running on behalf of the 25,000 kids that die every day from preventable diseases and the thought of running over the finish line on march 21st next to my wife. that thought is so awesome that together we would have been working towards this goal and then on that day getting to the finish line and completing that task. i am excited and ready for that.

well, that's all for now. i got some cross training to do later on today.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


well today is thursday and we just found out that the weekend plans we had are changing, so ... that means some good running this weekend. i hope that the weather plays along somewhat. i hate being cold and then having to run in the cold is even more misrable.

yesterday was the first day that we had speed work outs. it looks like the rest of the month and next month we have these speed runs. it is sprint for 4 minutes, jog for 3 minutes. you do that a few times during your run. it was hard, but during that time i kept thinking, i want to make a difference in the world and by me running i am helping to raise money to save starving children in the world. that's why i think the 30 hour famine before the race is going to be so huge and important. i can't wait.

today i have a cross training work out and that should be fun, but right now i am feeling really tired, so an afternoon nap might be in order. that's all for now.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st

today was the first day of february and it was a good day. so glad that we didn't have class and i got to get things done all day. i got to record 2 student testimonies of some middle school kids that have been part of our ministry for a while. it was really cool to hear their story.

after a day like today it was hard to start working out again today, so that means hitting it hard tomorrow in the gym. the run outside the other day was really good. it feels harder to run outside than it does on a treadmill. well i can't believe that the first month of the year is gone and we are moving really fast to the summer. i have to say that the thought of summer and warm weather is so exciting. can't wait.

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